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A year after the Colonial Theatre went dark, a local Collaborative is delighted to announce that neon lights have returned to Downtown Belfast:

The Colonial Is Back. To Stay. With Your Help. As a community, we've been fortunate. Due to local support for the return of the Colonial, and the passion of local philanthropists for the community, we've created an opportunity for a long-term community asset. Now we need the help of Belfast to make sure this is more than a happy ending, but the beginning of something special and long-lasting. But Why? Because this is your cinema.

Formed from a Belfast-based effort, 'the Colonial' is back under new, community ownership through the not-for-profit Hawthorne Theatre & Arts Collaborative (“Hawthorne”). The Collaborative's plan is to give you everything you used to get from the Colonial, with the addition of so much more. New movies. Live music. Old movies. Local artists. Great movies. Laughably-bad movies. Readings. Stand-up. Classes. Local movies. Party rentals. More free family movies. New forms of membership.

The goal? To (more than ever) become a place where people from Greater Belfast can come together for entertainment. Whatever it takes to add some magic to your day is what Hawthorne is working to achieve. Why? Because, in short, that's our highest priority.

– Team Hawthorne